Guide to publishing a notice on the Published Notices Website

To publish a notice on the Published Notices Website, you will first need to create a user account.

Once you are registered and have a user account, you can log in and create and publish the notice by following the below steps.

After successfully logging in, select:

  1. ‘My notices’
  2. ‘Create New Notice’

Step 1 – Select notice type

  1. ‘Select the appointment type’ – select ‘Restructuring (Part 5.3B)’
  2. ‘Select the purpose of the notice’ – select ‘Declaration’
  3. ‘Choose the notice type’ – select the relevant notice type from the list
  4. Select ‘Next’

Step 2 – Enter company details

  1. Enter the company details (note: the appointment date is a mandatory field, it needs to be populated to progress, but it does not appear in the notice. We suggest you put the date you are completing the form to let you progress)
  2. Select ‘Add company to notice’ (the company details will appear shaded if you have successfully completed this step)
  3. Select ‘Next’

Step 3 – Enter notice details

  1. Enter the date of declaration
  2. Add the director’s name who will publish the notice in ‘Sign off person’
  3. For ‘Role’, select ‘for myself and on behalf of all directors’
  4. Populate and review all contact details to appear on the notice
  5. Select ‘I Agree’
  6. Select ‘Save Notice’

You will be returned to the ‘Home’ screen

  1. Select ‘My notices’
  2. Select ‘Drafted Notices’ (your draft notice should be visible)
  3. Select ‘Preview’ for the notice you created
  4. Review the content of the notice for accuracy
  • If you need to change the content, go back to ‘Drafted Notices’ and select ‘Edit’.
  • If you are happy with the content, tick the box again and select ‘Add to Cart’
  • You will be able to see that your notice has been advanced to the ‘Checkout’ – no fee will apply to the notice.
  • If you are ready to publish the notice, select ‘I Agree’ and then select ‘Pay Now’.
  • Your notice should now be published and can be viewed on the website and appear in your ‘Posted Notices’.
  • There is no fee for publishing this notice.

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Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:22