COVID-19 market updates

ASIC is working closely with exchanges and market participants to make sure the financial system is able to operate effectively and markets remain open. 

We will continue to actively monitor market developments domestically and overseas and take action as appropriate. See below for all market-related COVID-19 updates from ASIC. To recieve the latest updates from ASIC, subscribe to the Market Integrity Update.

19 May Research analysts and exposure to inside information
14 May ASIC sets expectations for maintaining equity market resilience
7 May Reminders on director trading during COVID-19
6 May Retail investors at risk in volatile markets
6 May ASIC guidelines for investor meetings using virtual technology
29 April Fraud prevention measures and cyber threats during COVID-19
23 April ASIC supports increased transparency in capital raisings
20 April Refocusing our regulatory work and priorities due to COVID-19
20 April Heightened cyber security vigilance advised due to COVID-19
20 April Close monitoring of market volatility and short selling
20 April Research reports during market volatility
20 April Directors duties in the context of COVID-19
16 April Betting over S&P/ASX 200 index highlights failures in controls
14 April Details of changes to ASIC regulatory work and priorities in light of COVID-19
1 April Meeting guidance for liquidators - COVID-19
31 March Facilitating capital raisings during COVID-19 period
31 March Fairness in equity raisings during COVID-19
31 March Business continuity and supervision arrangements in response to COVID-19
23 March Continuing to support market operations
23 March ASIC recalibrates its regulatory priorities to focus on COVID-19 challenges
20 March Steps taken to ensure Australian equity markets remain resilient
20 March Response to COVID-19 and market volatility
16 March ASIC takes steps to ensure equity market resiliency
2 March Vigilance required on COVID-19
Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:24