About the regulatory index

The regulatory index is a subject matter index that will help you find ASIC regulatory documents and legislative instruments by topic. It presents one pathway into ASIC's regulatory information and should be used in conjunction with the website site search and navigation.

This regulatory index has up to three levels of subject categorisation, depending on the complexity of the topic.

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Our approach to indexing ASIC's regulatory documents

ASIC's regulatory index is not a traditional alphabetic index. It presents suggested topic-based pathways into ASIC's regulatory information.

High level topic headings are generally determined by the legislation administered by ASIC.

However, to meet the needs of ASIC's regulated populations we also apply an 'audience-based' approach to topic headings, particularly for 2nd and 3rd level headings. Alphabetic or document number listings are sometimes used to provide context or clarity. Where appropriate a hybrid approach is used to better present information, depending on how particular audiences are likely to search for ASIC's regulatory documents.

Our aim is to be flexible and responsive to user needs.

What you can find using the regulatory index

The regulatory index contains links from topics to the following ASIC regulatory documents:

Media release, consultation paper, news item and article links are often included to provide regulatory context.

What you will not find using the regulatory index

The regulatory index does not link you to:

  • Individual relief instruments
  • Legislation that ASIC administers, unless it provides useful regulatory context
    • The Federal Register of Legislation at www.legislation.gov.au contains the full text and details of the lifecycle of individual laws and the relationships between them.
  • Regulatory documents by reference to relevant legislation.
    • The regulatory index does not contain a legislative index.

See our regulatory tracker for details recently released regulatory documents.

How to use the regulatory index

The following tips will help you navigate the regulatory index:

  • The regulatory index categorises documents under an appropriate heading. As many of our documents cover multiple subjects you will find most documents listed under more than one heading.
  • The regulatory index can have up to 3 levels of headings under which you can find documents. You may need to choose a couple of headings before you reach the most relevant heading for your needs.
  • The regulatory index does not catalogue a document under a particular heading unless that document substantially relates to that heading. You cannot, for example, find every regulatory guide in which we have mentioned the word 'debenture' under the heading 'Debentures'. This type of search facility is available in the ASIC Digest
  • There are cross referenced links within the regulatory index. You may need to follow them to find all documents you are searching for. For example, if you look under Product disclosure statement under the Managed Investment Schemes heading, you will find documents directly relevant to product disclosure in the context of managed investment schemes. However, you would not find all the documents we have published on product disclosure unless you followed the cross reference link to other relevant headings.

Do you have feedback?

The regulatory index is a work in progress. ASIC's regulatory remit is broad and sometimes fast moving and we endeavour to make sure it is as current as possible. We would appreciate your feedback on how useful you find it and suggestions about how it could be improved. If you would like to contact us about the regulatory index, please email: feedback@asic.gov.au

Use the regulatory index now

Last updated: 22/11/2023 01:45