Registered liquidators - Applying for and managing your liquidator registration

To apply for registration as a liquidator, you must lodge an application form with supporting documents.

Due to the small number of applications, we do not offer electronic lodgement.

Before you start preparing your application see ASIC's approach to registering liquidators and take the time to thoroughly read our Regulatory Guide 186 External administration: Liquidator registration (RG 186). This outlines our approach to the registration of liquidators.

Before you submit your application

When you submit your application, use the Liquidator registration checklist to ensure you include all the information required.

Please download the following liquidator registration documents when preparing your application.

The information with your application for registration must be correct and complete. We will return any incomplete applications to you for rectification of any deficiencies. You will then need to re-apply after you have addressed all deficiencies.

If your application does not meet our requirements we may refuse it.

We will only register a person as a liquidator if we are satisfied that they meet all the criteria for registration.

You must include the prescribed fee with your application. See Information Sheet 30: Fees for commonly lodged documents (INFO 30) for fee details.

Certificate of registration

If your application is successful, we aim to register you and issue your certificate of registration within 5 business days of completing the assessment and being satisfied that you have complied with our policy on the insurance required under s1284: see s1282(6)(b).

You can then apply to access the registered liquidator's portal to lodge documents and notices.

You can also apply to be registered as:

  • an official liquidator - you can lodge this application either concurrently with your application for registration as a liquidator or at any time after you are registered. Guidance on this type of registration and the application process is in RG 186 and in Information Sheet 59 Registration of official liquidators (INFO 59).
  • a liquidator of a specified body corporate - if you are not registered as a liquidator generally and wish to be a liquidator of a particular body corporate. Information on this is in Regulatory Guide 186 External administration: Liquidator registration (RG 186).

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