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Tuesday 18 April 2017

17-116MR Former property developer Craig Gore arrested and charged

Mr Craig Kirrin Gore has appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates' Court after being arrested and charged with 15 offences following an ASIC investigation.

Mr Gore was arrested on 14 April 2017 and subsequently appeared in Court on 15 April 2017 on 12 counts of fraud relating to the obtaining of funds, totalling $800,000, from self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) investors during 2013 and 2014. The funds were allegedly to be invested in debentures associated with the companies Arion Financial Pty Ltd and Arion Property Pty Ltd. Mr Gore also faces three charges of acting in the management of three corporations (MOGS Pty Ltd, Sleipner Financial Pty Ltd and Arion Financial Pty Ltd) whilst disqualified from doing so.

ASIC obtained an arrest warrant after concerns Mr Gore may not remain in the jurisdiction. 

ASIC acknowledges the assistance of the Australian Federal Police and Queensland Police in assisting with the execution of the arrest.

Mr Gore was not required to enter a plea and was granted conditional bail. The matter is listed for return at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on 5 May 2017. 

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions is prosecuting these matters.


The charges of fraud carry potential maximum penalties of between five and 20 years.

The charges of acting in the management of corporations whilst disqualified each carry a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment or 50 penalty units.

Editor's note:

The matter was before the court on 5 May 2017 at which time Mr Gore's bail was continued and the charges adjourned until 9 June 2017.

Editor's note 2:

The matter was before the court on 9 June 2017 and was adjourned for a further mention on 14 July 2017.

Editor's note 3:

On 14 July 2017, the matter was adjourned for further mention on 21 July 2017.

Editor's note 4:

On 21 July 2017 the matter was adjourned for further mention to 18 August 2017.

Editor's note 5:

On 18 August 2017 the matter was adjourned for further mention on 29 September 2017.

Editor's note 6:

On 29 September 2017, the matter was adjourned until further mention on 3 November 2017.

Editor's note 7:

On 3 November 2017, following a defence request, the matter has been adjourned for further mention on 1 December 2017.

Editor's note 8:

On 1 December 2017 the matter was listed for further mention on 22 December 2017.

Editor's note 9:

Following mentions on 22 December 2017 and 12 January 2018, the matter will next return to court for further mention on 16 February 2018.

Editor's note 10:

On 16 February 2018 the matter was adjourned for further mention 2 March 2018.

Editor's note 11:

Following further mentions on 2 and 9 March 2018 the matter has been listed for committal hearing on 7-8 June 2018 in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Editor's note 12:

Following a two day contested committal hearing on 7-8 June 2018 in the Brisbane Magistrates Court, Mr Gore was committed to trial on all charges. The CDPP successfully resisted a bail variation application that would have seen the return of Mr Gore's passport. Bail continues on the same conditions previously in place. The next court date is yet to be set.

Editor's note 13:

The matter has been listed for mention in the District Court Brisbane on 19 November 2018.

Editor's note 14:

The matter has been adjourned to 26 November 2018.

Editor's note 15:

The matter has been adjourned for further mention on 6 March 2019.

Editor's note 16:

Following two applications to the District Court, heard on 20 and 21 December 2018, Mr Gore has successfully had his bail conditions varied. This will allow him to travel under certain conditions, including that he is to return to Australia on 1 March 2019 for the next court date.

ASIC and the CDPP opposed both variation applications brought by Mr Gore, and after refusing the variation on 20 December 2018, the court subsequently agreed to Mr Gore’s further application heard 21 December 2018.

Editor's note 17:

Following a mention on 6 March 2019, the matter has been listed for trial commencing 23 September 2019.  There will be a pre-trial hearing 24 May 2019.

Editor's note 18:

The pre-trial hearing scheduled for 24 May 2019 was struck out following a request from Mr Gore's counsel. The matter remains listed for trial in September 2019. 

Editor's note 19:

Following further court trial review hearings on 13 September 2019 and
17 September 2019, the trial date of 23 September has been vacated and the matter re-listed for trial commencing 27 January 2020.

Editor's note 20:

On 2 December 2019, the trial was adjourned and listed to commence 20 April 2020 with a mention on 28 February 2020.

Editor's note 21:

The April 2020 trial date has been vacated due to the court rescheduling listed matters in light of COVID-19. The matter is listed for mention on 5 May 2020 to determine future progress.

Editor's note 22:

Following further mentions on 5 May 2020 and 8 May 2020 at the Brisbane District Court, the matter has been set down for a one-day pre-trial hearing on 1 July 2020.

Editor's note 23:

The trial of Mr Gore is listed to commence on 27 July 2020 at the Brisbane District Court.



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