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25 March 2011 MEDIA RELEASE
11-60AD Bell Potter Securities Limited to sell Viento Group Limited shares

ASIC has appointed Bell Potter Securities Limited (Bell Potter) to sell 5,014,615 ordinary shares in Viento Group Limited (Viento). The sale follows ...

18 June 2010 MEDIA RELEASE
10-126AD ASIC seeks comment on proposed relief from indirect self-acquisition provisions

ASIC is seeking additional public comment on a number of relief proposals that will permit certain indirect self-acquisitions by investment funds ...

11 December 2009 MEDIA RELEASE
09-248AD Updated regulatory guide and new consultation paper regarding schemes of arrangement

ASIC has today released an updated Regulatory Guide 60 Schemes of arrangement (RG 60) and Consultation Paper 127 Schemes of arrangement: Statements ...

27 October 2009 MEDIA RELEASE
09-207AD Updated regulatory guide regarding acquisitions by a broker as principal

ASIC has released an updated version of Regulatory Guide 31 Acquisitions by a broker acting as principal for client facilitation purposes (RG 31). ...

09-117AD Improving disclosure of securities lending

ASIC today released consultation on guidance on disclosure of substantial holdings arising from securities lending or prime broking. The ...

24 February 2009 MEDIA RELEASE
AD09-26 ASIC seeks comment on proposals to facilitate equity capital raising and participation by retail investors

As part of its efforts to manage the impact of current market conditions and build confidence in Australia’s financial markets, ASIC has issued a ...

7 August 2008 MEDIA RELEASE
08-182 ASIC outlines market turmoil response to financial services industry

ASIC has outlined five key market issues it will be focussing on over the coming months, specifically responding to concerns emerging from the ...

28 March 2007 MEDIA RELEASE
IR 07-13 ASIC releases its joint bids policy

ASIC today announced amendments to its Policy Statement 159: Takeovers, compulsory acquisitions and substantial holding notices [PS 159] to ...

28 March 2007 MEDIA RELEASE
IR 07-12 ASIC proposes prospectus relief for foreign scrip takeovers

ASIC today released a policy proposal paper (PPP) on relief from the requirement to prepare a prospectus or Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) when ...

2 August 2006 MEDIA RELEASE
06-261 Withdrawn

This media release has been withdrawn.

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