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24 August 2022 - NEWS ITEM
ASIC and APRA release notes on third Superannuation CEO Roundtable

24 August 2022 ASIC and APRA have released the public notes on the third Superannuation CEO Roundtable held on Friday 12 August 2022. The Roundtable ...

24 August 2022 - NEWS ITEM
ASIC commissioned research confirms relationship between money and mental health

24 August 2022 The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), in collaboration with Beyond Blue, commissioned research to examine the ...

23 August 2022 - SPEECH
Looking ahead: ASIC’s priorities

Speech by ASIC Chair Joseph Longo to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), 23 August 2022. Check against delivery It is great ...

17 August 2022 - NEWS ITEM
Freedom Insurance customers should come forward for remediation

17 August 2022 Freedom Insurance customers are entitled to over $102 million in remediation for mis-sold life insurance policies. Customers who have ...

9 August 2022 - ARTICLE
Playing the green card

By Deputy Chair Karen Chester 9 August 2022 ASIC’s information sheet for superannuation and investment funds can help your company avoid greenwashing ...

25 July 2022 - NEWS ITEM
ASIC warns small businesses to be vigilant about payment redirection scams

25 July 2022 According to the ACCC, payment redirection scams caused the highest losses to businesses in 2021 The ACCC’s Scamwatch received more ...

15 July 2022 - ARTICLE
Cyber risk: Be prepared

By Commissioner Danielle Press 15 July 2022 A recent federal court decision is a timely reminder for company directors about cybersecurity risk ...

13 July 2022 - NEWS ITEM
Don’t ‘set and forget’ when planning your retirement

13 July 2022 Assess super fund performance Make sure you’re in the right investment option for your risk tolerance Options for accessing your super ...

8 July 2022 - NEWS ITEM
ASIC reminds financial advisers to enrol for the final exam sitting ahead of 1 October 2022 extension deadline

The July 2022 Financial Adviser Exam, Cycle 18, is the last chance for financial advisers who are eligible for the extension until 1 October 2022 to ...

20 June 2022 - NEWS ITEM
ASIC releases May 2022 financial adviser exam results

ASIC has released exam results from the 17th Financial Advisers Exam cycle, held in May 2022. The exam has been continuously conducted by the ...

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