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19 May 2022 - ARTICLE
Warning: Scammers offering fake green bonds

ASIC is alerting investors of the existence of a number of fake green bonds. In Australia, green bonds are not directly available to the general ...

12 May 2022 - ARTICLE
What a Federal Court ruling on cybersecurity means for AFS licensees

AFS licensees must adequately manage cybersecurity risks as part of their licence obligations. Adequate technological systems, policies and ...

11 May 2022 - ARTICLE
Why get your advice from a licensed financial adviser?

Use a licensed financial adviser Help protect yourself if something goes wrong Check the Financial Advisers Register Speaking with Raf Epstein on ...

9 May 2022 - NEWS ITEM
Information about the exam and professional year arrangements for new financial advisers, their licensees, and foreign advisers

Australian financial services (AFS) licensees are no longer required to notify ASIC of the professional year arrangement between themselves and a ...

28 April 2022 - ARTICLE
ASIC quarterly update January to March 2022

ASIC has released its quarterly update for 1 January to 31 March 2022 (REP 725). This report provides an update on ASIC’s work undertaken between 1 ...

6 April 2022 - SPEECH
Regulating crypto-asset–based investment products within the financial services framework

Speech by Commissioner Cathie Armour at the AFR Cryptocurrency Summit, Wednesday 6 April 2022. Check against delivery Good afternoon everyone, and ...

6 April 2022 - SPEECH
Opening statement to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee Budget Estimates - 6 April 2022

Opening statement by ASIC Chair Joseph Longo at the Senate Economics Legislation Committee Budget Estimates, Wednesday 6 April 2022. Check against ...

6 April 2022 - SPEECH
Globalisation of financial services regulation

Speech by Commissioner Cathie Armour on Day 2 of the three-day annual #ACCELERATERegTech2022 event, Wednesday 6 April 2022. Check against delivery ...

1 April 2022 - NEWS ITEM
Important dates for the May 2022 financial adviser exam

1 April 2022 The May 2022 Financial Adviser Exam will take place between Thursday 12 May 2022 to Monday 16 May 2022 Enrolments open on Monday, 4 ...

30 March 2022 - SPEECH
Corporate regulation in Australia: The legacy of Ian Ramsay

Speech by Chair Joe Longo at the Melbourne University Law School Symposium in honour of Professor Ian Ramsay, Wednesday 30 March 2022 – Keynote ...

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