Address to International Centre for Financial Regulation

Speaking notes for address by Greg Medcraft, ASIC Chairman, International Centre for Financial Regulation, London, 16 September 2011

Thank you to Barbara Ridpath and the International Centre for Financial Regulation for inviting me to meet with you today.

I'm particularly pleased to be back in Europe, where I spent many years as an investment banker before I joined ASIC (in early 2009).

This is a great opportunity for me – on my first visit to Europe as Chairman of ASIC – to get a better understanding of the major institutional and other regulatory reforms underway in the UK and more broadly in Europe and to see how they may inform our thinking in Australia.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to share with you my vision for ASIC and the approach I intend to take as Chairman.

Download the speaking notes (PDF 93 KB)

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