ASIC and insolvency: Current activities and future directions in enforcement and policy

An address by Prof Berna Collier, ASIC Commissioner, to the IPAA conference in Adelaide, 28 May 2003.

The Australia Securities and Investments Commission has an excellent relationship with the IPAA which we look to as the peak body representing insolvency practitioners in Australia. Yesterday the Commission was pleased to host a lunch for the members of the IPAA including your new President, Bruce Carter, and immediate past President, Michael Dwyer. We are keen to continue our liaison arrangements with the organisation on both a national and regional basis, as we believe there are mutual benefits to us all in doing so.

The topic of my paper is 'ASIC and Insolvency – Current Activities and Future Directions and Enforcement and Policy' (which is almost a paper in itself!!) There is a great deal for me to say on this topic. Events are moving fast in a number of directions. So rather than spend the rest of the evening talking on this topic – which would be quite easy – I think it would be appropriate for me to pick on a few topics and concentrate on them.

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