Creating growth through our markets: Using the right nudge

A speech by Greg Medcraft, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commissionto the 2015 Annual Stockbrokers Conference (Sydney, Australia) 29 May 2015

... My topic today is how we can create growth through our markets by using the right nudge.

The key to creating growth is trust and confidence in markets. At their core, markets assist in funding the real economy and, in turn, economic growth. This contributes to improved standards of living for all Australians. For markets to do their job, investors need to have trust and confidence in them. Without it, you don’t have a market.

As professionals in the stockbroking industry and gatekeepers for our markets, I know you appreciate the fundamental importance of trust and confidence in underpinning markets to do their job of funding the real economy.

Today, I’d like to talk about how ASIC helps provide trust and confidence. I will talk about three things:

  • Ÿ ASIC’s role
  • Ÿ our challenges
  • Ÿ how we respond to these challenges.

Read the full speech (PDF 83 KB)

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