Deepening global securitisation markets: An IOSCO perspective

A speech by Greg Medcraft, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission to the Australian Securitisation Forum Annual Conference, 1 December 2015.


I’ve been invited to speak to you today as Chairman of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). 

In that capacity I want to touch on three topics.

  • The first is to again emphasise the importance of sustainable securitisation markets to global economic growth.
  • The second is to reflect on the work IOSCO has been doing to support the revival of sustainable global securitisation markets – with a particular focus on the work we have done in the last year.
  • The third is to reflect on what we, in the official sector, are doing – and then to look forward to what we still need to do.

Read the full speech (PDF 78 KB)

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