Digital disruption and how regulators are responding

A speech by Greg Medcraft, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, The Regulators Panel, FINSIA (Sydney, Australia), 5 November 2015


Good morning all. It’s a pleasure to be here today. Today I am going to talk about the impact of new technologies, digital disruption and cyber resilience.
Five years ago, we weren’t thinking about digital disruption. Now ASIC considers it to be one of our five key challenges to achieving our strategic priorities. In particular, today, I will talk about two things:

  • the challenge posed for ASIC by digital disruption to existing business models and channels, and
  • how ASIC is responding, in particular:
    • ASIC’s innovation hub, and
    • our robo-advice taskforce.

Read the full speech (PDF, 67 KB)

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