IOSCO and FSB’s work on asset management and liquidity

A speech by Greg Medcraft, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission to the Investment Company Institute Global – Asia-Pacific Chapter Meeting, Sydney, 4 November 2015


Good evening, and thank you for the very kind invitation to speak tonight.

First, I want to personally acknowledge and thank Dan for his tireless advocacy of the interests of your industry during a period of very intense focus by policy makers on asset management and the risks it is said to pose.

This advocacy has, I think, contributed to the positive developments we have seen over recent months in the international policy debate.

I’d like to do three things tonight:

  • first, to revisit why global policy makers have been focussing on asset management
  • second, to outline the work the Financial Stability Board (FSB), on which I sit, is currently doing in this space, and
  • third, to outline the work IOSCO, which I Chair, is doing.

Read the full speech (PDF 128 KB)

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