My time at ASIC and the work of IOSCO and the FSB on asset management and liquidity

A speech by Greg Medcraft, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, ICI Global Dinner, APAC Chapter (Sydney, Australia) 4 May 2016


Good evening and thank you for the very kind invitation to speak to you again.

I’d like to acknowledge Dan and his continued hard work in representing the interests of your industry. This advocacy is critical and I see that it contributes to positive developments in the international policy debate.

What I’d like to do tonight is:

  • first, to give you some reflections about my time to date as Chairman of ASIC
  • second, to update you on some recent Government announcements on ASIC and what this means for us going forward, and
  • third, to update you on the work that the Financial Stability Board – on which I sit – and IOSCO – which I Chair – are currently doing in the asset management space.
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