Opening remarks to the ASX and ASIC Listed Companies Conference

A speech by Belinda Gibson to the ASX and ASIC Listed Companies Conference, Wednesday 26 March 2008, Perth 

...Our two organisations are working closely together to supervise the capital markets. We have, as you said, different responsibilities. In order to perform our respective tasks we have different resources and staff with different skills, but the end is common – the promotion of a fair and informed market for Australia's investors. This seminar, like the joint information releases of recent weeks to which you have referred, demonstrates our unity of purpose.

I also wish to echo your remarks that it is important for all the community of market participants to work together. It is in our collective interests to maintain, indeed improve, the high reputation of our capital markets.

I am speaking to you today as a representative of ASIC, in three capacities. I am one of the three commissioners, the head of the capital markets taskforce, and also have direct responsibility to the Commission for those ASIC officers who supervise the markets, and who conduct market surveillance and enforcement.

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