The Trust Deficit and Corporate Australia - ACSI Conference 2018

Keynote address by James Shipton, Chair, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors Annual Conference
(Sydney, Australia), 17 May 2018

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have now been at ASIC for three months at a time of intense scrutiny of the financial services sector and its regulation.

Timing, as they say, is everything.  And this is a fundamentally important time for corporate Australia, especially its financial sector.

So, after these three months, I thought it would be useful to talk about my observations of Australia’s financial system and its regulatory structure, the challenges it faces and its future direction.

What I hope to do today is: 

  • Ÿpresent my perspectives as someone who has worked internationally in the financial services sector and as an overseas regulator and who is, essentially, new to Australia’s financial system.
  • ŸAccordingly, I hope, I come to my new role with 'fresh eyes'.
  • And without wishing to pre-empt the important work of the Royal Commission, I would also like to make some proposals aimed at addressing the challenges facing our financial services sector.

 Read the full speech (PDF 185KB)

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