How to enrol for the financial adviser exam and where to find important exam information

23 December 2021

  • The 2022 sittings of the financial adviser exam will take place during May, July, and November.
  • Financial advisers should refer to the table below to find enrolment dates for their relevant exam sittings - enrolment can be completed through our booking link.
  • For more information relating to financial advisers, including the financial adviser exam, visit the Financial Advice Hub.

ASIC recently announced the remaining sittings for the 2022 financial adviser exam (22-044MR):

Exam Sitting 17

Exam Date

May, 2022

Thursday 12/5


Friday 13/5


Saturday 14/5


Monday 16/5

Enrolments for Sitting 17 open on 4 April 2022 and close on 26 April 2022

Exam Sitting 18

Exam Date

July, 2022

Thursday 28/7


Friday 29/7


Saturday 30/7


Monday 1/8

Enrolments for Sitting 18 open on 20 June 2022 and close on 12 July 2022

Exam Sitting 19

Exam Date

November, 2022

Thursday 3/11

Enrolments for Sitting 19 open on 23 September 2022 and close on 13 October 2022

Below we have outlined information about how advisers can enrol for 2022 exam sittings. the eligibility of new advisers and foreign advisers to sit the exam, and where to access further informatios about the exam.

How to enrol for the 2022 exams

To enrol for the exam, candidates can navigate to the exam booking link, found in the Financial Advice Hub. Clicking on the booking link will take candidates to the Australian Council for Education and Research (ACER) online booking portal. Candidates will be able to select their preference to sit the exam at one of the exam centre locations, or to sit the exam remotely.

Upon completion of the enrolment form, candidates will be directed back to the ASIC website to pay the exam fee of $973. The exam fees are prescribed by the Government in the Corporations (Fees) Amendment (Relevant Providers) Regulations 2021 (Cth) (Regulation). Payment of the fee can be made by credit card (MasterCard or Visa Credit/Debit). American Express (AMEX) card, Diners Club card. Personal cheques and cash will not be accepted. Candidates will receive a payment confirmation, which they should retain for their records.

ACER will issue an Admission Ticket to candidates prior to the exam. Candidates must keep the Admission Ticket, which will be used to show that candidates are currently enrolled and have paid for the exam.

New financial advisers and foreign advisers

If you are a new financial adviser, or a foreign adviser, ASIC will need to assess your eligibility to sit the exam before you can book for an exam.

If ASIC determines that you are eligible to sit the exam, you will be issued with an exam eligibility number which you must use to book for the exam. For information on how to obtain an exam eligibility number, see Eligibility to sit the exam.

Information on the exam

To provide support to candidates, ASIC has published the guidance and resources on the exam (including videos) previously hosted by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA).

This includes information about the exam policy, how remote proctoring works, how to prepare for the exam, FASEA’s practice questions guidance for candidates, and FAQs on the exam.

All of this information is available in our new Financial Advice Hub.

Note: this article was edited on 10 March 2022 to reflect changes to exam enrolment dates.

Last updated: 23/12/2021 11:00