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ASIC has engaged the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) as our service provider to manage bookings and deliver the exam.

You can book and pay for the exam through the ACER online booking portal during the booking period. The exam is held remotely (via remote proctoring).

If you are a new financial adviser or a foreign adviser, ASIC will need to assess your eligibility to sit the exam before you can book to sit the exam. If ASIC determines that you are eligible to sit the exam, you will be issued with an exam eligibility number, which you must use to book for the exam. For information on how to obtain an exam eligibility number, see eligibility to sit the exam.

An admission ticket will be provided to candidates ahead of the booking date which, together with one form of photo identification, must be presented to the proctor to access the exam.

You can also use ACER’s online booking portal to:

  • apply for reasonable adjustments if you have a disability or other health-related need that might impact your ability to sit the exam in the standard manner
  • access your exam results.

Bookings to sit the exam are only open during the booking period for each sitting as listed in the 2023 exam schedule. Late bookings will not be accepted under any circumstances.

For further information on how to book to sit for the exam via remote proctoring, visit Resources: Financial adviser exam and see the Financial adviser exam: Candidate information booklet and the Financial adviser exam: Remote proctoring information and step-by-step guide.

The exam fee

The exam costs $1,500 for each sitting. This fee is payable when booking to sit the exam.

2023 exam schedule

Exam Cycle 20

Exam Date

February, 2023

Thursday 16/2

Enrolments for Cycle 20 open on 10 January and close on 30 January 2023

Exam Cycle 21

Exam Date

May, 2023

Thursday 11/5

Enrolments for Cycle 21 open on 3 April and close on 21 April 2023

Exam Cycle 22

Exam Date

August, 2023

Thursday 10/8

Enrolments for Cycle 22 open on 3 July and close on 21 July 2023

Exam Cycle 23

Exam Date

November, 2023

Thursday 9/11

Enrolments for Cycle 23 open on 2 October and close on 20 October 2023

Please note: ASIC will not issue any Exam eligibility numbers for Cycle 23 after 4pm on Wednesday, 18 October 2023.

Bookings to sit the exam are only open during the booking period for each sitting.  Late bookings will not be accepted under any circumstances. You can use this link when bookings are open to sit the exam: Book with ACER.

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