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The ASIC Digest is the official journal of record of the corporate and financial services regulator since 1991.

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ASIC Digest

Published since 1991, this monthly publication contains ASIC’s publicly available regulatory documents. These documents are all freely accessible on the website, but the ASIC Digest provides additional indexing and search functionality that assists researchers and compliance professionals to stay updated on ASIC policies and activities, compliance with and relief from the law, and changes to the law.

ASIC regulatory guides give ASIC's interpretation on a wide range of compliance issues facing companies, financial service providers, trustees, auditors, responsible entities, insolvency practitioners etc.

ASIC media releases keep you up-to-date with the latest details on regulatory and compliance issues. Some media release topics include takeovers, investment schemes, failed companies, banned and convicted company officials and financial advisers and other financial services, credit, markets and company-related matters.

ASIC information sheets provide practical guidance on matters ranging from company formation and administration to company searches, investment advice, securities licensing and consumer credit.

ASIC consultation papers seek feedback from stakeholders on matters ASIC is considering, such as proposed relief or proposed regulatory guidance.

If you are seeking exemption from certain sections of the Corporations Act, the legislative instruments (formerly class orders) and pro formas and the instrument summary tables indicate the sorts of relief available.

Reports, speeches and other information are also included.

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ASIC Policy Alert email

This email alert service notifies you of ASIC policy-related information, usually within 24 hours of its release. This fee-based service informs you of changes to, and new releases of regulatory guides, pro formas, legislative instruments (formerly class orders) and policy-related media releases. Consultation papers containing the latest policy proposals are also included.

Each email summarises the latest policy changes with a link to a password-protected webpage where the new documents can be downloaded.
Information sent out by ASIC Policy Alert can also be specifically tailored for:

  • accountants
  • company directors
  • company secretaries
  • investment advisers
  • managed investment professionals

For more details contact the publisher, Thomson Reuters, ph 1300 304 197, email or visit the Thomson Reuters website.

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