Authorisation to cancel for business name holder

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If you are not the business name holder but you are acting on their behalf — it is important that you have authorisation to prove you are authorised to act on behalf of the business name holder.

The fastest way to prove this is to have the ASIC key, which the holder should be able to provide to you. If the holder does not have the key, they can request a new one be sent to you directly.

The other way is to have written authorisation from the business name holder. This will allow you to obtain the ASIC key direct from us and/or authorise us to discuss the business name if there is a problem with the transfer.

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Requesting an ASIC key to a new address

How a business name holder can request an ASIC key be sent to an address not recorded on our register or to someone acting on their behalf.


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Last updated: 01/05/2014 12:00