Changing officeholder details

You need to keep your company officeholders' details up to date. You must tell us of any officeholder changes within 28 days to avoid late fees.

Details you can change include company officeholders' name, role or address.

Adding a new role to an officeholder

You can add a new role to an existing officeholder (director or secretary) online.

Learn how to add a role to an officeholder

Changing an officeholder's residential address

You can change an officeholder's residential address using our online services.

Learn how to change an officeholder's residential address

To change a company's registered office address or principal place of business, see Company addresses.

Adding or removing an officeholder

You can add or remove an existing officeholder from a company by using our online services.

All companies must have at least one director; if a lodgement would cease the last director, then the lodgement may be rejected.

If a director’s cessation is lodged with ASIC more than 28 days after the cessation date, the cessation date will change to the lodgement date of the form.

Learn how to add or remove an officeholder

To cease yourself as an officeholder, lodge a Form 370 Notification by officeholder of resignation or retirement.

To appoint yourself as an officeholder, contact us.

Changing the date of a director cessation

Where you notify us more than 28 days after the date a director ceases we will amend the date of cessation to be the date the notification was lodged with us.

You can apply to us to have an amended director cessation date fixed where it is within 56 calendar days of the original cessation date notified.

To apply, lodge a Form 502 Application to change the cessation date of a director.

You can also apply to the Court for a court order to fix the cessation date of the director. If given, you can lodge notice of the court order along with a Form 105 Cover page for an ‘office copy of a court order.

Changing an officeholder's name

You can change an officeholder's name online.

Learn how to change an officeholder's name

Please note that you cannot change your own name online. To change your own name, please contact us.

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