Changing a shareholder's address

You can change a shareholder's address online. You must have registered for online access and use your account details to log in. If you haven't registered for online access, see our online services page.

You must notify us within 28 days when a shareholder's address has changed.

To change a company's service address or principal place of business, see Changing company addresses.

To change company officeholder details, see Changing officeholder details.

How to change a shareholder's address

Step 1 - After you've logged in, select 'Start new form' from the left hand menu

Step 2 - Select 'Change to company details' (484) from the list of forms

Step 3 - Select 'Change of address' from the list

Step 4 - Enter the details of the new address

This includes the new address details and the date the address commenced. Select 'Members Address' from the list of options and select 'Next'.

The address details you enter will be checked against Australia Post.  You may need to confirm the address is correct or change the way you've entered the address before it's accepted.

Step 5 - Select the shareholder that is being updated

Step 6 - Review the changes and complete the declaration to submit your transaction

After you've reviewed all information and made sure it's correct, select 'Next'. Then complete the declaration and select 'Submit'.

For more information on updating your company details, see Company officeholder help.

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Last updated: 26/04/2021 11:47