Company fees and payment options

Below is a list of some common fees relating to companies, as well as available payment options.

Company fees

Depending on the documents being lodged, different fees may apply.

See Fees for commonly lodged documents or the details of the specific form.

Company payment options

Search for an organisation's BPAY or Postbill pay details here:


The following payment options are available for companies:


Use the BPAY details outlined at the bottom of your invoice. Ensure you allow three business days for electronic processing.

Post Billpay/Australia Post

You can pay using credit card by visiting or by calling 131 816.

Alternatively, you can visit any Australia Post branch to make payment in person.


Mail your payment slip (cut-out section at the bottom of your invoice) and cheque to:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Locked Bag 5000
Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

Make cheques payable to ‘ASIC’.

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