Confirmation of business name application

After your business name application has been submitted, we will confirm that your business name has been registered.

Receiving your record of registration or invoice

Once we have received payment for your business name, we will send the record of registration and/or invoice by email.

If you have requested to pay via invoice, we will send the invoice within 48 hours. You must pay for your business name within 10 days or you will need to re-apply.

Emails will be sent from Add this address to your safe senders list to make sure the email doesn’t get caught in your spam filter.

When is my business name considered registered?

Your business name is considered registered as soon as we have accepted the name and received payment. 

Do I need to display my record of registration?

You no longer need to display a certificate of registration of a business name.

How do I need to display my business name?

Business name holders must include their business name on all written communication. Their business name must also be visible to the public wherever the business owner does business. For example, on their shopfront.

You do not need to display your business name in the same case it is registered. For example, if your name shows on the register as 'BUSINESS NAME' you may display it as 'Business name' or vice versa.

What to do if you have not received your record of registration or invoice

Your record of registration or invoice is sent by email. If you do not receive your record of registration, you should contact us online

In your request, let us know you have not received your record of registration or invoice and would like it resent. Please also include:

  • your business name
  • the transaction reference number
  • the account number for your business name
  • your receipt number (if you have paid your fee) and
  • a contact phone number.

We will then send you a copy of your record of registration or invoice to the email address you've registered with ASIC.

Re-issuing your business name record of registration if you have updated your details

A business name holder does not need to display their record of registration.

A business must display their business name in places where they are open to the public. For example, on their shopfront.

If you have updated your business name details, you can search our registers to check they are correct.

We will only send you a record of registration when you register and renew your business name.

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