Australian Business Number

The Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique number used to identify business names and companies. The Australian Business Register (ABR) provides ABNs.

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Who can get an ABN?

Companies that trade in Australia can apply for an ABN. You can also apply for an ABN as an individual or a partnership.

What happens to your company's ACN?

Your ACN is still active and can be used. Your ABN will be based on your company's ACN.

Can I use my ABN instead of an ACN?

You can use your ABN instead of your ACN on company documents and material. You must make sure that:

  • your ABN includes your nine digit ACN, and
  • the ABN is used in the same places that the ACN is used.

For more information about Australian Business Numbers, contact the Australian Business Register.

How do I apply for an ABN?

You can apply for an ABN online through the Australian Business Register.

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Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:31