Where your annual statement is sent

We will send your company’s annual statement to (in order of priority):

  1. the registered agent address (if one is appointed)
  2. your online account (if you are registered for online access)
  3. your nominated mailing address, or 
  4. your company’s registered office address.

If you do not receive an annual statement within 5 days of your review date, contact us

Annual statements issued through EDGE

EDGE users are sent annual statements online. The statement can be downloaded up to 28 days from the review date.

If you do not retrieve it in this time, you have another 32 days to request a copy of the annual statement by a Reprint of the annual company statement (RA71 report).

If you are requesting a reprint of the annual statement, select 'AS'. This will reprint the annual statement. 

Annual statements issued through online services

If you are registered for our online services, you will receive an email when your annual statement is available. If a registered agent is appointed, they will receive the annual statement on your behalf. 

You can contact us to check if a registered agent is appointed to your company. 

The annual statement can be downloaded through your online account up to 90 calendars days after the review date.

If it isn't retrieved in that time, you can request an ad hoc statement by a Reprint of the annual company statement (RA71 report).

Ad hoc statements

Ad hoc statements contain the company's details as they are shown on our register at the time the statement was requested.

Ad hoc statements may not reflect the information contained in the original annual statement if there have been any recent changes to company details.

An ad hoc company statement does not include a copy of the invoice statement.

If you need to request a copy of your invoice, please contact us online.

How to check your account balance  

Registered agents

You can request a Company Debt Report (Form RA67) from your online account.

This report displays the Australian Company Number (ACN), company name and amounts owing or credits for companies you represent.

Company officeholders

In your online account, select 'View Company Details', then select 'Debtor Details'.

If money is owed the report shows the ACN, name and total amount owing.

Haven't received your annual statement?

If you do not receive an annual statement, contact us.

We will check where the original was sent. We will also confirm the registered office or contact address details to ensure our records are correct.

If the annual statement was not received a reprint will be sent to the contact or registered office address.

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