Stop your business name transfer

In some cases, you can stop a business name transfer if it's no longer taking place.

You must contact us as soon as you decide to stop the transfer as we need time to process your request.

We can’t stop your business name transfer if:

  • your registration has already been cancelled, or
  • the new holder has registered or applied to register the business name.

However if the business name is still available you can register it using the transfer number.

To stop your business name transfer:

  1. Go to ASIC Connect Search and look up your business name registration.
  2. Check to see the business name registration isn't cancelled and the business name isn't already registered in the new holder's name. If it has, we won't be able to stop the business name transfer.
  3. Send an email request to Make sure you include the business name, the transfer number and why the transfer needs to be stopped.

Once you submit your request

Once you send your request, we will review it and check:

  • your business name is still registered
  • no one else has registered or applied to register the business name.

We will let you know within five business days if the transfer is stopped. 

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Last updated: 01/05/2014 12:00