How to update business name details

There are a number of business name details you need to keep up-to-date.

These updates must be made within 28 days of any changes to your information.

The way you make these updates will depend on the information you are updating.

Updating your business name

You cannot change your registered business name.

If you want to trade under a new or different name, you must register a new one.

Things you need to know


Update business name addresses

This includes your address for service of documents, principal place of business, business name email address, and your mobile number.

Update your business name holder details

This includes changes to your name or residential address.

Update your representative details

Appoint, remove or update the details of any business name representative.

Update your business name partner details

This includes changes to a partners name or residential address.

Add an ABN to your business name holder details

Add your ABN to the business name holder details recorded on the register.

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Request a correction of business name details

If you have submitted a transaction with us, and have noticed that your details are incorrect, you can request us to change them for you.

Notify ASIC of disqualification

Are you or someone you know disqualified from managing the business? Tell us now.

Request suppression of business name registry details

You can ask us to remove certain business details from view of the public.

Request a review of an ASIC decision

Not happy with an ASIC decision? You can ask us to review it.

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