Update business name representative details

There are different types of representatives that can be appointed for your business name.

Organisation representative

If your business name is held by an organisation, you must appoint a representative as the primary business contact.

This does not apply if your business name is held by a company or other registered body.

Legal personal representative

When an individual business name holder is deceased and you are the executor of their estate, you must appoint yourself as a legal representative. 

This does not apply if the business name holder is a partnership, company or trust.

Notified successor

If you believe you will inherit a business name's assets when the holder has deceased, you can appoint yourself as a notified successor.

Debtor representative

A debtor representative can be appointed to manage a business name's liquidation, external administration, or bankruptcy.

Principal contact

If you have been nominated to receive correspondence for a business name, you can appoint yourself as the principal contact.

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Last updated: 10/06/2014 12:00