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A corporate key is an eight-digit number uniquely associated with a company's ACN.

You’ll receive your corporate key details from ASIC within two days of registering your company. Your corporate key will also be displayed in the top right-hand corner of the annual company statement.

You can use the corporate key to apply for online access to view your company records, lodge forms and receive annual statements and other information from ASIC.

If you are an officeholder of more than one company, you can link each company to your online registration. You will then be able to use the same user name and password to check details for each company.

You must also enter the corporate key when lodging certain paper forms with ASIC, for example:

  • Form 362/486 Notification by a company to nominate or cease a registered agent or contact address

Failure to do so will delay the processing of any changes to your company details.

A company's corporate key is generally fixed for the life of the company – however, you can cancel your company's existing corporate key and ask for a new one to be issued online at or by phoning us on 1300 300 630.

A company officeholder, registered agent, liquidator or administrator can request a new corporate key, which will be sent to the company's registered office. To ask for a corporate key to be sent to an alternative address, please contact us.

A registered agent will receive a company's corporate key if a paper Form 362 is lodged with ASIC, appointing the agent to the company, or if the registered agent's address is the company's registered office. In these circumstances, companies do not need access to their corporate key – however, the corporate key remains the client's property and, if requested, the agent should give it to them.

When you lodge forms online you don't need to use the company's corporate key – however, we recommend you keep a record of it.

If you currently lodge paper versions of forms you may wish to take advantage of our online service.

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