Small business-shares and the share register

A company with share capital must keep a record of all the shares it issues. This record is called the ‘register of members’ or the ‘share register’.

Generally, the register must contain information about the members (also referred to as shareholders) of the company, any changes to a member’s personal details and/or their holdings, and information about the company’s shares, including:
  • the date of every allotment (or issue) of shares

  • the number of shares in each allotment

  • the class (or classes) of shares

  • the share numbers or share certificate numbers, and

  • whether or not the shares are fully paid, including the amount paid (or agreed to be paid) or unpaid (if any) on the shares.

Some information on the share register must also be sent to ASIC. For example, proprietary companies must advise us of changes using a Change to company details (Form 484 - online). Public companies do not need to supply this information. However, all companies must advise us when they issue or cancel shares and when they make changes to their share structure.

If you issue preference shares, you must tell us by lodging a Notification of resolutions regarding shares (Form 2205) and a Notification of statement of special rights carried by shares (Form 210). If you issue shares for non-cash consideration under a written contract, you must tell us by lodging Change to company details (Form 484 - online) and a Certification of compliance with stamp duty law (Form 207Z). 

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