Becoming an information broker

Information brokers are approved by ASIC to provide search products and services to customers. They do this by accessing ASIC's registers and document retrieval network.

You can apply to become an ASIC approved information broker by submitting an application to ASIC. ASIC will review your application and decide if you are eligible.

This page outlines how you can apply to become an information broker and things to consider before applying.

Applying to be an information broker

Before applying to become an ASIC information broker, you should thoroughly research and understand the market for our information products.

The below documents will assist you in your application. They outline the information you need to provide to ASIC, and the technical requirements of being an information broker.

Please note ASIC is currently only accepting applications from Australian entities. You may wish to check with us at a later date to see if we will accept applications from non-Australian entities.

Document Description Last updated
Becoming an information broker (PDF 106KB) Outlines the role of an information broker. 25 June 2021
Information broker application outline (PDF 191.01KB) Describes the information that needs to be included in an information broker application. 29 August 2016
Australian Securities & Investments Commission Protective Security Policy Framework Requirements (PDF 170.13KB) Describes the core requirements of the framework that must be complied with. 23 March 2019
Message implementation guide for infobrokers v1.7 (PDF 1.14MB) Provides the information necessary to integrate with ASIC web services. 2 August 2021
Web services implementation guide v3.1 (PDF 469KB) Explains the common aspects and architecture of the system and how it works.  3 July 2020
Data communication specification (PDF 439.73KB) Specifies the data communication requirements and protocols used by ASIC. 15 May 2017
Datastream message specification v2.80 (PDF 3.58MB) Provides guidance for persons developing and supporting software to interact with ASIC interface.  2 August 2021
Datastream Application Communication Protocol Specifications (PDF 133.51KB) Specifies communications protocols at the application communications level for applications using the Datastream Application Program Interface for ASIC external data services. 4 March 1997

Applications will be assessed on the information provided in the application. If the application is incomplete, we will contact you and request that you provide the necessary information.

Once you are sure your application includes all the necessary information, email it to as a PDF attachment.

Information broker search products and fees

ASIC search fees provide details of the search products available from ASIC. It also provides the fees that an information broker will be charged for each search conducted.

The search fees are indexed annually from 1 July. ASIC has no discretion to charge information broker search fees lower than the legislated fee.

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