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Register a business name using BRS

You can register a business name online using the Australian Government Business Registration Service (BRS). The BRS combines several business and tax registrations in one place, making it even easier to start a business.

Register a business name online

How to sign up for an ASIC Connect account

If you want to update your business name details (e.g. your address), you'll need to create an ASIC Connect account. To create an account:

1. Go to ASIC Connect

This is our online service used for registering a business name. From the right hand side of the ASIC homepage, select the blue ASIC Connect box.

You'll be taken to ASIC Connect. Select Sign up in the blue ASIC Connect box.

2. Read the information provided in the Getting started with ASIC Connect section

This includes information on the services available in ASIC Connect. Select Sign up.

3. Enter your details.

You need to include your contact details, as well as a username and password.

Your password must:

  • be at least nine characters
  • contain one lowercase letter (a-z), one uppercase letter (A-Z), and one number (0-9), and
  • not share three consecutive letters with your first name, last name, or username. For instance, if your name is 'Smith' you cannot use 'Smi' in your password.

3. Agree to the terms and conditions set out in the Electronic Lodgement Protocol

You'll need to agree to ASIC's Electronic Lodgement Protocol.

4. Select Create account to continue

Your account has now been created.

Within 15 minutes, we will send you an activation email. Select the Activate ASIC Connect account link. If this does not work, copy and paste the link into a web browser.

Steps to log in

To log into ASIC Connect:

1. Visit the ASIC Connect log in page

Go to ASIC Connect.

2. Enter your username and password

Enter the username (email address) and password you provided when creating your ASIC Connect account. 

3. View your account details

Once logged in, you will see your home page with a list of recently submitted transactions. You can also start a new transaction or resume a previously saved transaction.

Link your business name to your account

Before you can update your business name details, you may need to 'link' your business name to your account using your ASIC key. This makes sure that you're authorised to update the business name's details. To link your business name: 

1. Go to ASIC Connect and log in to your account

If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to add any existing business names to your account.

2. Select the Link a business/Request ASIC key option from the Do it now menu on the right-hand side of the screen

This will start the linking transaction.

3. Answer Yes to the question and enter the details required

You will need to enter:

  • the business type (i.e. Business name)
  • your date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • your role with the business name (e.g. business name holder or authorised lodger)
  • the ASIC key.

Your business name has now been linked to your account.

You can also watch our video tutorial on how to link a business to your ASIC Connect account. 

Video transcript - How to link a business to your ASIC Connect account

ASIC Connect is the online system used to manage your business name. In this tutorial, we’re going to look at how you can link a business to your account, so that you can renew, update, cancel or transfer your registered business name.

It’s important to note that when linking to an ASIC Connect account, you’ll be asked to provide your ASIC key, date of birth and role in administering the business.

Once logged in, you’ll be shown a list of your most recent transactions and messages.

Under the Do It Now menu on the right-hand side of the page, select Link a business/Request ASIC key.

On the next page, you’ll be provided with information about your ASIC key. You’ll then be asked whether you have an ASIC key for your business. Select Yes to proceed.

In the next box, you’ll be required to select your business type, enter your date of birth, select the role you play in administering the business you’re linking to the account, and enter your ASIC key.

Once all details are entered, you can select Link to Account.

If the business has been successfully linked to the account, you’ll be taken to a final confirmation screen. Here you can use the links to:

  • Go to Lodgements and notifications
  • Link another business to your account
  • Request an ASIC key for another business or
  • You can select ‘Home’ to return to the ASIC Connect Home page.

You should now know the basic steps involved in linking a business to your ASIC Connect account.

Further assistance using ASIC Connect can be accessed be selecting the Help button at the top-right of the screen. You can also take a look at any of the other helpful tutorials available.

What details can I update online?

You can register a business name or renew your existing registration using ASIC Connect. You can also update all your information online, including addresses, name and other details.

Support for business names

If you're having issues trying to use ASIC Connect, visit our support page. Here you'll find step-by-step user guides for different transactions.

We also feature videos that explain what a business name is how to register, update, and renew.

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What is an ASIC key?

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A corporate key is an 8-digit number uniquely associated with a company’s ACN. Your company needs only one corporate key.

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What is an industry funding security key?

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