Authorised lodgers for business names

A business name holder can authorise any person to lodge transactions with us on their behalf. This could be, for example, an accountant, a lawyer, a services provider or even a relative or friend. A business name holder may authorise more than one person, in addition to transacting with us themselves.

The authorisation of a person is a private arrangement between the person and the business name holder – we are not involved.

Authorised lodgers who wish to receive email notifications for business name holders should nominate their email address as the business email address.

Key points to note:

  • Authorised lodgers for business name holders must be individual people and may be employees of firms. Firms and organisations cannot themselves be authorised lodgers.
  • If a business name holder authorises a business/firm to act on their behalf, the business or firm in turn authorises one or more employees to each transact for the business name holder.
  • Authorised lodgers for business name holders do not need to be ASIC registered agents or use their registered agent number.
  • There can be multiple authorised lodgers linked to a single business name (for company lodgements, only one registered agent can be appointed).
  • Authorised lodgers must:

When a person authorised by the business name holder links to the business name through ASIC Connect, it will not automatically unlink any account holder and/or authorised lodger that may already be linked to the business name. Unlink authorised lodgers through ASIC Connect.

Adding an authorised lodger

You can appoint an authorised lodger to complete transactions on your behalf. The authorised lodger will need to create an ASIC Connect account and link your business to it, using the ASIC key. When the authorised lodger sets up their account, they must use their own name as we must be able to verify their identity if they need to contact us while acting on your behalf.

You can find more instructions and a step-by-step user guide on adding an authorised lodger, on our support page.

Removing an authorised lodger

If you are no longer the authorised lodger for a business – or you want to remove a person who has been appointed as an authorised lodger for your business – you can do so by going to the 'Lodgements & Notifications' tab on ASIC Connect, and selecting the 'Change representative details' option from the list of transactions.

You can find more instructions and a step-by-step user guide on removing an authorised lodger, on our support page.

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Last updated: 15/10/2014 12:00