Our EDGE system is for large volume lodgers, such as accountants or legal firms. It offers flexible lodgement, helps schedule workflows, and provides direct access to ASIC's register information.

EDGE also supports our most commonly lodged forms. 

What documents can I lodge using EDGE?

EDGE can be used to lodge the following documents:

  • Application for registration as a registered Australian company (Form 201) 
  • Notification of resolution - change of company name (Form 205A) 
  • Notification of a registered agent ceasing to act for a company (Form 361) 
  • Notification of appointment or cessation of a registered agent by a company (Form 362) 
  • Notification by officeholder of resignation or retirement (Form 370) 
  • Application for reservation of a name (Form 410) 
  • Change to company details (Form 484) 
  • Statement in relation to company solvency (Form 485) 
  • Notification of change of registered office or office hours of a registered body (Form 489) 
  • Notification of change to officeholders of a registered body (Form 490) 
  • Request for correction (Form 492) 
  • Notification of supplementary information (Form 902) 
  • Application for voluntary deregistration of a company (Form 6010) 

What data can I receive with EDGE?

If you become a registered lodgement agent, you can use some of our free electronic information services. Read more about the types of information you can receive.

How can I join EDGE?

If you'd like to register for EDGE access, you'll need to:

1. Read ASIC's Electronic Lodgement Protocol and complete the Application for EDGE participation.

2. Send the signed application to ASIC via:

  • Email: agent.registration@asic.gov.au
  • Mail:
    Australian Securities & Investments Commission
    PO BOX 4000         
    Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

We will process your details and register your application. Once complete, we will send you: 

  • your registered agent number
  • your EDGE identification and password, and
  • a reference guide on how to lodge with EDGE

3. Get EDGE-compliant software. See Digital Service Providers for more details.

4. Load company records onto your computer using your EDGE software. EDGE can send copies of ASIC company records directly 

Electronic Company Registrations

Using EDGE also allows access to ASIC's Electronic Company Registration (ECR). ECR allows you to register companies using your EDGE-compliant software. For more information see Electronic Company Registration.

How can I use EDGE?

Our EDGE Reference Guide provides detailed information about using EDGE.  Your dedicated software will also come with instructions.

Direct debit/credit payment for lodgements

If you use EDGE to lodge documents that have a fee, you can pay by direct debit or credit.

To set up direct debit or credit payments you will need to complete a Direct debit request (Form RA04). This authorises us to debit money from the company's account.

If you are choosing direct credit, you do not need to nominate any account details, but you will need to deposit money into your ASIC account before you can start lodging forms.

Information on direct debit or direct credit is in the ASIC Electronic Lodgement Protocol.

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Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:24