ASIC expectation of private service providers

Where private services providers interact with our customers, we expect that they operate transparently, fairly and honestly in their business practices.

Below is a list of practices that we expect private service providers to adopt:

Clearly explain who you are

  • Set out your name, Australian Business Number (ABN) and contact details on your communications such as letters and website. Your contact details should include your principal business address.
  • You should ensure customers understand they are not interacting directly with ASIC.

Set out your fees

  • Ensure that information given to customers about fees you charge clearly separate fees charged by ASIC, and service fees charged by you as a service provider.

Be honest

  • Only offer to provide a service that you are capable of providing at the time. For example, you cannot renew a business name registration earlier than 2 months before the expiry date, therefore you must not mislead a customer into thinking you can renew the registration earlier.

Keep records

  • Ensure you have written consent from customers prior to making changes to any contact information on ASIC records.

Do not use marketing that may mislead customers

  • Use accurate and lawful marketing and promotion of your services.
  • Make sure marketing products do not confuse customers into thinking they are dealing with a government agency.
  • Do not operate under a business name that may make customers think ASIC endorses or authorises your services. For example, you must not use words such as ‘ASIC’ or ‘Business Name’ in your business name.
  • Ensure that the words or images that you use do not suggest that you are authorised or endorsed by ASIC.

Deal with customer disputes fairly

  • Do your best to resolve customer disputes.

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Last updated: 11/01/2023 10:34