CP 143 Expert reports and independence of experts: Updates to RG 111 and RG 112

Released 18 October 2010. Comments closed 17 December 2010.

This consultation paper sets out our proposed updates to our policies on the content of expert reports and the independence of experts. This paper attaches marked-up draft versions of Regulatory Guide 111 Content of expert reports (RG 111) and Regulatory Guide 112 Independence of experts (RG 112) that identify the proposed changes.

This consultation paper seeks the views of stakeholders, including experts, parties that commission expert reports, investors and their professional advisers.

We have also published Consultation Paper 142 Related party transactions (CP 142), setting out proposed updates to our policies on related party transactions. The versions of RG 111 and RG 112 that are attached to this paper incorporate changes that reflect these proposed updates.

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Australian Property Institute
Ernst & Young
Grant Samuel
Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
Lonergan Edwards
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