CP 191 Future of Financial Advice - Approval of codes of conduct for exemption from opt in requirement

Released 23 October 2012. Comments closed 4 December 2012.

This consultation paper is for:

  • financial advisers who enter into ongoing fee arrangements with retail clients and seek an alternative to complying with the opt-in requirement in s962K of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act); and
  • code owners or applicants who wish to lodge a code of conduct for ASIC’s approval that aims to obviate the need for complying with the opt-in requirement.

Prospective code applicants should first read ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 183 Approval of financial services sector codes of conduct (RG 183)

Download the paper (PDF 264 KB) | Read the media release | Read the report on submissions

  Submission from


Association of Financial Advisers


Consumer: Joint consumer submission
(Submission on behalf of COTA, Financial Counselling Australia, Consumer Action Law Centre, National Seniors Australia, Choice and NICRI, John Berrill, Stephen Duffield and Nicola Howell)


CPA Australia and Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia


Financial Planning Association


Financial Services Council


Henry Davis York Lawyers


Industry Super Network and Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees


Institute of Public Accountants


SMSF Professionals' Association of Australia


State Super Financial Services Australia

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