CP 358 Remaking ASIC relief on PDSs, superannuation dashboards and FSGs

Released 18 February 2022. Comments closed 12 April 2022.

This consultation paper sets out ASIC’s proposals to remake our class orders and one legislative instrument on specific disclosure requirements for financial services. Under the Legislation Act 2003, some of these instruments will expire (‘sunset’) if not remade. The relief provided in two instruments will also cease if there is no extension.

We are seeking feedback from financial services licensees, superannuation trustees, platform operators, responsible entities, consumer groups and other interested stakeholders on our proposals to:

  • remake, in a single new instrument, relief in class orders relating to Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in-use notices for employer-sponsored superannuation and product dashboard disclosure;
  • remake, in a single new instrument, relief in instruments that relate to shorter PDSs and PDS obligations of superannuation trustees, IDPS operators and responsible entities of IDPS-like schemes; and
  • remake, as a new instrument, a class order relating to Financial Services Guides (FSGs) in time critical situations.


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