CP 368 Remaking ASIC class orders: [CO 13/519] and [CO 13/656]

Released 21 March 2023. Comments close 11 April 2023.

This consultation paper sets out ASIC’s proposals to remake our class orders on changing responsible entities of listed schemes and the equal treatment obligations of a responsible entity and corporate director. Under the Legislation Act 2003, these class orders will expire (‘sunset’) if not remade.

We are seeking feedback on our proposals to remake, without significant changes, the following class orders, which are due to expire on 1 October 2023:

  • Class Order [CO 13/519] Changing the responsible entity; and
  • Class Order [CO 13/656] Equality of treatment impacting on the acquisition of interests.


CP 368 (PDF 429 KB)

Attachment 1 to CP 368: Draft ASIC Corporations (Changing the Responsible Entity) Instrument 2023/XX (PDF 244 KB)

Attachment 2 to CP 368: Draft ASIC Corporations (Equality of Treatment Impacting on the Acquisition of Scheme Interests and CCIV Shares) Instrument 2023/XX (PDF 260 KB)


(non-confidential submission)

1. Law Council of Australia (PDF 178 KB)

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