RG 140 Strata schemes and management rights schemes

Reissued 12 April 2017

This guide is for operators and promoters of properties that are, or are proposed to be, managed for investors.

It explains:

  • how the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) relating to managed investment schemes apply to arrangements involving real property, including under strata or community title (e.g. units in a serviced apartment, hotel, motel or resort complex), and certain freehold titles or leasehold interests (referred to in this guide as ‘strata schemes’); and
  • the conditional relief we have given, in ASIC Corporations (Serviced Apartment and Like Schemes) Instrument 2016/869, to operators and promoters of strata schemes, including management rights schemes, from the managed investment, Australian financial services (AFS) licensing, product disclosure and hawking provisions of the Corporations Act.

Download RG 140 (PDF 577 KB)

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