RG 146 Licensing: Training of financial product advisers

Issued July 2012

This guide is for:

  • advisers (i.e. Australian financial services (AFS) licensees and representatives who provide financial product advice to retail clients), and
  • providers of training and education for advisers.

This guide sets out minimum training standards that apply to advisers and how advisers can meet these training standards.

Editor’s note: Effective 24 September 2012, Sections D and E of this guide are under review. The review will enable ASIC to explore options pending final policy positions following from CP 153 Licensing: Assessment and professional development framework for financial advisers.

See also:

  • changes proposed in CP 212 Licensing: Training of financial prduct advisers - Updates to RG 146 and media release 13-149MR ASIC consults on enhancements to training standards (24 June 2013) where we set out our no-action position on the ASIC Training Register;
  • CP 215 Assessment and approval of training courses for financial product advisers - Update to RG 146, which proposes that courses will no longer need to be listed on the ASIC Training Register. Instead, it is proposed that authorised assessors will assess training courses to determine if they meet the training standards in RG 146: see also Media release 13-219MR ASIC consults on a proposed replacement to the Training Register; and
  • the ASIC Training Register.

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