RG 189 Disclosure relief for rights issues

Issued 17 March 2016

This is a guide for listed companies and managed investment schemes (and their advisers) about rights issues and the disclosure exemption in s708AA and 1012DAA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act).

This guide explains how ASIC Corporations (Non-Traditional Rights Issues) Instrument 2016/84 modifies the disclosure exemption so that it extends to certain non-traditional rights issues, such as accelerated rights issues. The instrument also gives technical relief for foreign holders, stapled securities and rounding of entitlements. It also modifies the on-sale provisions in s708A and 1012DA.

Entities planning to rely on the disclosure exemption for any rights issue should refer to this guide for an explanation of how our relief modifies the provisions.

Download RG 189 (PDF 268 KB)

See Consolidation of fundraising instruments and guidance for information about consolidation of previous guidance.

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