RG 254 Offering securities under a disclosure document

Issued 27 August 2020

This guide is for issuers who are required to prepare and lodge a disclosure document under Ch 6D of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act).

It helps issuers and their advisers understand our interpretation and administration of the procedural aspects of Ch 6D. It seeks to provide greater certainty regarding the obligations of all parties involved in the process of preparing a disclosure document, lodging a disclosure document and offering securities for issue or sale under a disclosure document.

The procedural focus of this guide is intended to complement our other guidance on the content of disclosure documents—in particular, Regulatory Guide 228 Prospectuses: Effective disclosure for retail investors (RG 228).

Note: From 27 July 2020, fundraising disclosure documents, including application forms and supplementary and replacement disclosure documents, should be lodged through the ASIC Regulatory Portal. Details of fundraising offers will be shown on the public database Offer Notice Board. For more information, see how you lodge fundraising and corporate finance documents.

Download RG 254 (PDF 683 KB)

See Consolidation of fundraising instruments and guidance for information about consolidation of previous guidance.

Last updated: 26/04/2021 02:23