RG 3 AFS Licensing Kit: Part 3 – Preparing your additional proofs

Issued 23 June 2022

This is a guide for applicants applying for an AFS licence or to vary their licence. It forms Part 3 of the AFS Licensing Kit and explains the ‘additional’ proof documents applicants may be asked to send us.

Before reading this guide, applicants should read:

  • Part 1 (RG 1), which explains the process of applying for and varying an AFS licence; and
  • Part 2 (RG 2), which helps applicants complete the AFS licence application form (FS01) or variation application form (FS03) and prepare ‘core’ proofs.

Note: It is an offence under s1308 of the Corporations Act to provide false or misleading information to ASIC. ASIC must not grant an AFS licence if an applicant provides materially false or misleading information in its application (including by omission). ASIC may also cancel an AFS licence granted based on the application that contained materially false or misleading information (including by omission).

Download RG 3 (PDF 585 KB)

Last updated: 23/06/2022 12:00