RG 5 Relevant interests and substantial holding notices

Issued 27 August 2020

This guide is for investors who acquire an interest in the securities of a company or managed investment scheme, and their advisers. It:

  • discusses the concept of a ‘relevant interest’ and various issues a person must consider in determining whether they have a relevant interest in securities under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act);
  • explains the requirement for a person to disclose the relevant interest in voting shares and voting interests that they and their associates have when they acquire or maintain a substantial holding in a listed company, body or managed investment scheme; and
  • outlines ASIC’s class order modifications to the relevant interest and substantial holding provisions.

Download RG 5 (PDF 1.27 MB)

See Cross-references to June 2013 takeover regulatory guidance for information about consolidation of previous guidance


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