REP 419 Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker

Released 17 December 2014.

Financial decision-making is complex and contextual. Prior research undertaken suggests that a wide range of shifting factors can have an impact on decisions and outcomes. ASIC has launched the Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker (the Tracker) to track a number of financial attitudes and behaviours among adult Australians and inform financial literacy programs and initiatives.

ASIC engaged Sweeney Research to conduct the Tracker in 2014/15. This report contains the benchmark findings on the financial attitudes and behaviours of Australians during the six months from March to August 2014. The Tracker will be repeated at regular intervals. It will supplement other research in the field, including the well-established ANZ Survey of Adult Financial Literacy in Australia, which is conducted approximately every three years and continues to be the leading reference point for measuring population-wide financial literacy levels in Australia.

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