432 Application to change a company name to omit the word Limited

Form 432      
Description Application to change a company name to omit the word ‘Limited’
Purpose May be used by an existing *limited public company (eg. limited by guarantee) to apply to ASIC to change its name to omit the word 'Limited' from the end of its name. This type of application is only available to a company that, in accordance with s150(1) of the Corporations Act 2001, is: (a) registered under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Act 2012 , and (b) its constitution prohibits the company paying fees to its directors and requires the directors to approve all other payments the company makes to its directors. *Note: Under s148(2) of the Corporations Act 2001, the exemption available to a limited public company permitting omission of the word 'Limited' (at the end of its name) is not available to a limited proprietary company. Section 148(2) states: "A limited public company must have the word "Limited" at the end of its name unless section 150 or 151 applies. A limited proprietary company must have the words Proprietary Limited at the end of its name."
Applicable Fees $422
Lodging Period   Late Fees Not applicable
Legislation References Corporations Act 2001\150\1\b
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Online Lodgement Not applicable Paper Lodgement

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Payment options and address for lodgement

Payment must be included when lodging the form and can be made by cheque or money order.

Generally, forms should be posted to:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission
PO Box 4000
Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

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