963 Application for information about a specific personal name

Form 963      
Description Application for information about a specific personal name
Purpose Search for a name of a person to find out if they are associated with any companies. For full details about the cost of searches see Search Fees.
Applicable Fees 963A Extract: A printout of a person selected from the list of names obtained from a search. An extract contains the following information: person’s name and birth details; organisation name, number and current status; role/s held and residential address; date appointed and date ceased where applicable. $23
  963C Preliminary search report: A printout of the full list of matches obtained from a search, including the person’s full name and birth details. $12
Lodging Period   Late Fees Not applicable
Legislation References Corporations Act 2001\1274
Related Forms   Related Information
Online Lodgement Not applicable Paper Lodgement Download Form 963 (PDF 90 KB)
last updated : 01/08/2016
Address for lodgement Generally, forms should be posted to:
    Australian Securities and Investments Commission PO Box 4000 Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841
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